Dedicated Company-Owned Hosting

We provide our exclusive clientele hosting services on our company dedicated servers to ensure an environment with the highest level of security. Standard encryption used for e-commerce is only 128k encryption. Military grade encryption is 256k. Our current propriatary encryption algorithymn is 512k (twice the strength of military grade).

The Power of Our Service is Our Servers!

Wolf and Bear Marketing LLC differs from a majority of technology companies by owning 100% of its own technology.

All our servers are privately owned by the company. Maintained with proactive upgrades to increase performance during all stages of anticipated growth.

With 3 Petabytes of server space and capacity we barely use 1% of our network resources to provide a high standard of technological service.

For every 1 terrabyte of storage we ensure 3 Terrabytes or backup/recovery storage. Our in house artificial intelligence algorithm, "Brainiac" has a heuristic protocol that creates compressed data backups based on data analysis.

All servers on our network are secured by our custom enginneered 512k encryption. The standard encryption by electronic banking is 128k, and governmental level encryption is 256k. Our security protocol is of such a higher standard we have attracted clients such as Godaddy, Symantec, and LifeLock in joint ventures.

We provide enhanced technologies for a variety of industries including medical agencies. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. We host protected health information (PHI) and have the physical, network, and process security measures in place to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

Each of our company server racks are equipped with a self contained dedicated email server. IMAP, POP, and encrypted email services are provided to our hosting clients.

Strategic Target Email Service is available on a contract basis. Our in house Artificial Intelligence Algorithm "Cerebro" can seek and detect potential clients for your business within a National, International, Regional or Local radius.

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