Website Design/Development

We are your one resource in creating an online presence. Why deal with multiple companies while creating your online entity to support and promote your business? The formula for a successful web presence is an appealing design for human viewing, saturated coding for search engine optimization, and digital marketing to target audience.

The Wolf and Bear Marketing Difference!

We provide project management for your website with dedicated in house resources. Why would you deal with a fragmented cluster of individual consultants who have tunnel vision on only one aspect of your website? Your business website has to become the perfect synergy of information and engagement that cannot be achieved by a consultant with limited skillset.

You need a team; a tigerteam, that monitors your statistics to monitor your website performance and can adapt it to accomodate your goals.

Branding your website to represent your real world business.

CoBranding your social media/ Integration of Social Media into website

Email branding

Dedicated Email Branded Broadcasts

Email Monitoring Performance Service


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