Our Diverse Clientele

Our goal is to collaborate with "like-minded", innovative and visionary business owners. Our clients are as diverse as the services we provide. One day we are designing interactive digital menus for a restaurant the next day we are flying a drone to videorecord armed marksmenship at shooting grounds.

Another day we are in a Wolf reservation. Perhaps we can collaborate on a project for your business?

What Clients Are Saying . . .

I will recommend them for doing an excellent job. They very professional and you will not regret.
- Alberto Baez, Ano1 Pizza (New Rochelle NY)

Thank You! Thank You so much for always supporting me!
- Jessica Lynn (Country Music Star)

We do not know what made you come into our candy store that day, but brother I am sooo glad we connected. You are officially my main man when it come to technology.
- Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Samuel's Candy Shop (Rhinebeck NY)

Oh my god! Your business is amazing! Pure genius. You will be the next Google and I get to brag to my friends that I am one of your original customers.
- Anthony Russo, Modern Restaurant (New Rochelle NY)

We absolutely love Ed and his business! He is always looking out for us and has our back. His business is a great resource on many levels for anyone in the restaurant and hospitality business. I recommend him to all my colleagues.
- Wendy Wulkan, Bull and Barrel Brew Pub (Brewster, NY)

You have to call Ed. His business is amazing. He is always there for me in crisis. In a few minutes remotes into my office and fixes my problems when I'm ready to throw the laptop out of my window and get a new one. I fully recommend his service. He is excellent!
- Deanna Mancuso, Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue (Dover Plains NY)

Meet Our Team

The Wolf

The Tiger


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