Why Our A.I. is Different!

You may have heard of terms like machine learning or A.I. in terms of marketing your business. Unfortunately in most cases it is only a buzz word. Our firm has been coding AI since 1987 and evolving ahead of the competition. Most true A.I. today including Gulliver (Google's AI) are still in the fetal stage using only boolean logic. Boolean logic simple defines is when artificial intelligence has a fixed set of rules for learning. Its less intelligent and can only operate within a list of rules it is given.

Our proprietary A.I. coding (Artificial Intelligence x Animal Instinct = A.I.2) is pure heuristic; meaning, the coding actually learns and becomes smarter as it evolves. Additionally our heuristic A.I. actually hunts using animal based algorithms to emulate a predator hunting down its prey. In this case your target audience.

Artifical Intelligence

We Program and Develop New Artificial Intelligence Programs on a regular basis to provide leverage over competitior and situate your business as the ALPHA in the industry.

The Mindset of our Artificial Intelligence

Identification of Target Audience

Based on a criteria we input our AI will proceed to gather contact information for potential customers on our clients behalf.

Identify Your Competition

Our AI will aggressively hunt down potential clients while at the same time harvest from any competitor you may have. In most cases a list of your competitors will yield huge results since your competition has taken the time to build out a database of exactly what you want to possess.

Data Analysis

Our A.I. after data collection completes from competitors and the internet as a whole who fit the criteria. The next phase is elimination of dead data by test pings to accounts to remove dead accounts, block any contact with a full emailbox (which indicate an abandoned email account), and removal of all duplicate contact information.

A.I. Assisted Broadcasting

We have additional A.I. programs that can emulate an office workforce on behalf of our clients. Digitally enhanced multimedia emails are custom designed to make a great first impression. We have a dedicated A.I. to personally deliver your email individually to everyone in this custom database.

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